Carroll Organics Farm and Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary is run without any grants or funding, and all the costs of running the sanctuary come out of our own pockets.

Here are a few ways to get Involved


We can always use volunteers to help with chores, feedings, socialization with the animals, dog walks and so much more.

If you would like to volunteer just send us an email and we can figure out a schedule that works for everyone!

Volunteer form Here


We go through a lot of bedding, towels and blankets running a sanctuary. Here is a list of used items that could always be donated: blankets, towels, bedding, dog beds, bowls, feeders, etc.

You can also give a one time monetary donation to help pay for food, vet care and general sanctuary maintenance!

Donate here!

You can also donate to our amazon wish list here!


Become a monthly sponsor for any of our animals for $20 a month. The donation goes directly to the cost of the animals food and vet care. And you receive a monthly email with an update of your chosen animal! To set this up email

Come to a Work Party

We will be having work parties twice a year, to get some of our building projects completed. Check our events to find an upcoming work Party.


If you think of another way you would like to get involved let us know!