Carroll Organics Farm and Sanctuary

Here are just some of the farm animals that call our sanctuary home! We adopt and give life long homes to senior, special needs and hard to adopt animals. We find that these dogs are the ones that have the most difficult time finding safe and loving homes.

If you would like to be a monthly sponsor to any of these wonderful animals please email and we can set that up for you! Your monthly sponsor program is a $20 donation and the all money goes directly to your chosen animals food and vet care!


Bunson came to our farm as a 4 day old baby. He was bottle fed for the first 13 weeks of his life, and has an extremely close bond with us. He lives outdoors with his brother Beaker and Penny the pig. 

Pot-belly pig

MP is one of our most special needs pigs. She came to us severely over weight and was fat blind. Because of this she was unable to see and went on a strict diet. She now has lost so much weight and can open her eyes and enjoy the world. She is extremely loving and loves belly rubs.

Pot-belly Pig

Penny is a 5 year old pot belly. She is slow to trust after she was rehomed. She had many behavioural issues when she first arrived, but as we gained her trust she began to open up to us. She does not like other pigs, but loves living with other farm animals. 


Lorraine is a friendly beautiful 2 year old sheep. She came to us pregnant, and will get to live out her life with her babies at our sanctuary.